GeoGen API Reference
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NgeogenWraps all GeoGen features. Contains basic functions and classes used throughout the entire code-base
 NcompilerContains script parser and compiler
 NcorelibContains definitions of the entire standard library as it is exposed to scripts
 NgenlibContains low-level native implementations of generator objects (height maps and height profiles) and all associated map operations
 NrandomContains pseudo-random number generation features
 NrendererContains the renderer and all associated classes
 NruntimeContains the virtual machine and all associated classes
 NtestlibContains additional functions exposed to functions in testing mode
 NutilsContains assorted utility classes and functions used throughout the project
 CApiUsageExceptionException thrown when the API detects incorrect usage (such as incorrect parameter or a method being called in incorrect context)
 CCodeLocationA position in code
 CConfigurationSettings allowing to slightly customize behavior of the generator
 CGeoGenExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by GeoGen
 CInternalErrorExceptionException thrown when an unrecoverable internal error in GeoGen occurs. These should be reported as bugs (although an incorrect usage of the API might also be sometimes the cause)
 CIntervalA coordinate interval in a 1D space
 CPointA point in 2D space
 CRectangleA rectangle in 2D space with a position and a size
 CSerializableBase class for objects that can be serialized into a human readable string representation
 CSize2DSize of a 2D region with width and height