GeoGen API Reference
Basic usage

This tutorial demonstrates how to get started with GeoGen.

First, directory GeoGen/include has to be added to your include paths. This line of code will then give you access to all of GeoGen's public symbols:

#include <GeoGen/GeoGen.hpp>

Following code sample demonstrates how to use the generator to render a map using a map script:

string code = "yield HeightMap.Flat()";
compiler::Compiler compiler;
// Compile the script. Any compilation errors will cause an compiler::CompilerException to be thrown.
runtime::CompiledScript* compiledScript = compiler.CompileScript(code);
// Create a virtual machine.
runtime::VirtualMachine vm(*compiledScript);
// Run the script. Any runtime errors will cause an runtime::RuntimeException to be thrown.
// Create a new renderer for the rendering sequence that was created during execution of the VM.
renderer::Renderer renderer(vm.GetRenderingSequence());
// Render all the maps.
// Get the main height map.
genlib::HeightMap* heightMap = renderer.GetRenderedMapTable().GetItem(renderer::Renderer::MAP_NAME_MAIN);
cout << "I have a height map with width " << heightMap->GetWidth() << " and height " << heightMap << " with data at 0x" << heightMap->GetHeightDataPtr() << "." << std::endl;

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