This page features some renders of maps generated using the example scripts packaged with GeoGen.

All of the images below are colorized using the built-in GeoGen Console palette. The 3D renders are made with a separate application. Raw height maps are completely unaltered.


1000x1000px, default settings (raw height map)

The map is infinite in the direction in which the river flows, so a much longer render can be generated as well.

4000x1000px, default settings (raw height map)


1000x1000px, 2 rivers, huge lake size (raw height map)

1000x1000px, 6 rivers, medium lake size (raw height map)

1000x1000px, 16 rivers, small lake size (raw height map)

4000x4000px, 8 rivers, medium lake size (raw height map)


1000x1000px (raw height map)

10000x10000px, rendered in 100x100px tiles (click the image to show borders between tiles). Note that the peninsula in the render above is located in upper-middle part of the map.
Full resolution (~40MB)
The same image scaled to 10% manually post-render (the bottom image has highlighted tile borders):


1000x1000px (raw height map)

1000x1000px, different seed (raw height map)


1000x1000px (raw height map)


1000x1000px, 2 islands

1000x1000px, 5 islands

1000x1000px, 10 islands