GeoGen Script reference
Example: Dune sea

This script creates an infinite desert of dunes.

It demonstrates how a simple combination of a few basic functions can produce very interesting results.


The main idea is what an intersection of two layers of low frequency noise looks like. Consider following example:

yield HeightMap.Noise({ 100: 0.9 })
.Intersect(HeightMap.Noise({ 100: 0.9 }, 2));

All that is needed to make a great looking desert from such noise is some minor fine tuning.

var main = HeightMap.Noise({100: 0.9}, 1);
var baseNoise = HeightMap.Clone(main);
main.Intersect(HeightMap.Noise({50: 0.9}, 2))
.Combine(HeightMap.Noise({128: 0.9}, 3), baseNoise)
yield main;

Full code