GeoGen Script reference

Rendering sequence became too long while executing the script.

This error is caused by calling too many rendering functions (most functions of HeightMap and HeightProfile). Maximum rendering sequence length is 10000. Note that some functions calls such as HeightMap.Noise and HeightMap.Distort result in multiple rendering sequence steps.

Most often, this error is caused by calling a rendering function in a loop:

var map = HeightMap.Flat();
for (Number y = 0; y < Parameters.MapHeight; y++)
for (Number x = 0; x < Parameters.MapWidth; x++)
map.FillRectangle([x, y], [x, y], Random(-1, 1)); // GGE2504, if the map happens to have more than 10000 pixels total

Drawing individual pixels with the script is never a good idea, use appropriate functions instead.